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Longdance A Ritual of Healing and Celebration
at Promisek
Bridgewater, CT.

Touch Drawing
by Deborah Koff-Chapin


The Longdance is a ceremonial journey of relationship, healing, learning, and celebration.  We call home the different aspects of ourselves, the energies that guide us, and the nature in and around us.  We express our souls’ journey, both triumphs and challenges, through dancing, music making, story telling, communing with nature, self-reflection, and declaring intentions.  Bridging the personal, archetypal, and the spiritual, the Longdance welcomes the humorous, intense, mundane, sublime, and profane -- the full range of our experience, dark and light.  We call ourselves and one another forth in living and loving fully.

- A Poem -
We have come
to be Danced
Jewel Mathieson

- Article -
The Music of
the Longdance Dance
Kevin Makarewicz
coming soon

- Articles -
The Alchemy of Ceremonials
by American Shaman
Elizabeth Cogburn

Warriors of the Beauty Way
by American Shaman
Elizabeth Cogburn


Where have you been, where are you now, where are you going
in the journey of your soul?


We use contemplation, dancing, music making, drawing, story telling, playback theatre, communing with nature, and declaring intentions. We utilize these modalities to deepen us beyond verbal exchange in order to access deeper dimensions of connection to self and other.

We practice deep listening and witnessing throughout. The practice of playback theater- in particular allows us to enter one another’s experience, and allows us see our experience from other perspectives- particularly through the eyes hearts and bodies of our co-journeyers.

Our dance proper is a several hour time where the drums are played in repeat mantric patterns, there is a simple line dance which holds the frame of the container, the center of the dance ground, the “inner court” is an improvisational space where what ever wants to move and be expressed- can move.

Dancing the Longdance, particularly season after season, year after year is an opportunity to more deeply engage our life with the rhythms of the Earth.

We dance so that we:
“..may keep pace with the Earth and the soul of the Earth. For to be idle is to become a stranger unto the seasons, and to step out of life’s procession, that marches in majesty and proud submission towards the infinite... ” Kahlil Gibran

We dance four times a year as close to the Solstices and Equinoxes as possible, involving processes over three days:
There are seasons when we will condense the dance down to a Single day.
    Friday:     Set-up, Preparatory Gates, and Sweat Lodge
    Saturday:  Breakfast, Preparatory Gates, Dance Proper, Silence, Sleep
    Sunday:    Movement Meditation, Closing Council Takedown, Simple Meal

The Preparatory Gates involve body-based expressive arts work and ceremony that honor the seasons and prepare and deepen us for the Dance Proper.  The Preparatory Gates involve an exploration of any or all of these: movement, sound, music, verbal play, physical contact, enactment, breath work, meditation, sharing of the heart, drawing, a nature walk, and ritual.

The Dance Proper (3-4 hours) involves an extended dance time or a series of dance rounds – that centers on a “courtyard” sacred space created by a circle of a 6-step line dance with another outer circle of focused witnessing and live music .  Within the sacred circle, anyone can enter to dance/enact whatever they want to dance/enact - by themselves or with others.  Our late-afternoon dinner and rest time lasts 1.5-2 hours.

For the Summer and Fall dances, we do the Longdance outside on the earth around a fire.  For the Spring and Winter and when weather is extreme, we do most of the Longdance inside, yet have significant time outside in nature.  For Summer and Fall, you are encouraged to camp in a tent on the Longdance grounds, though one can also sleep inside on the floor in the school or rent a room from Promisek ($40/night).  For the Winter and Spring dance, we have these last 2 options for sleeping arrangements (unless you want to be outside!)

Since 2000, Nancy Koury and Kevin Makarewicz have been holding the Longdance.   Our leadership style is to lead from example – engaging in the process fully, and leading from that place.


LOCATION:  Promisek Community, 694 Skyline Ridge Road, Bridgewater, CT 06752

Kevin Makarewicz: 203-698-2465 kmakar@sbcglobal.net
Nancy Koury: 203-637-4475 c.203-249-8998
email: nkoury@sbcglobal.net
During Longdance, call Kevin 203-249-9142

Some workstudy is available.
Any additional donation to support the musicians or the dance is greatly appreciated!
We appreciate early registration as it helps you and us prepare for the dance.

If you have not come before or want to invite someone, please contact Nancy or Kevin to have a conversation to make sure the Longdance is appropriate for you/them.

Please read carefully and reply to this email with your registration and any questions or concerns. We will then send you a confirmation email with more information and directions.

Future Longdance dates:
June 16-18, 2017

 In the Dance,
Nancy and Kevin