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Group Drumming
for Social Emotional Enrichment

"Music expresses that which cannot be put into words
and that which cannot remain silent."
Victor Hugo

image Kevin Makarewicz Learn to take your place in the Circle of Drumming.

Improvisation and games.
Relevant drum mechanics and technique.
Learn specific rhythms.
Instruments will be provided.
Open to all levels of experience, complete beginners are welcome.
Drumming can help bring down walls and get people connecting with each other!

Drumming is participatory- it provides successful experiences to young to old, even for people without prior music experience.

Drumming is emotional- it helps to control and release emotions and stress.

Drumming is physical- it involves coordination of the body and mind. It is good exercise.

Drumming is communication- it allows for a deep heart to heart exchange without words.

Drumming is social- it creates a feeling of belonging, support and connection.

Drumming is mental- it develops perception, attention, focus and memory.

UPCOMING Drumbeat and Group Drumming Classes

Adult Drumming Group Mondays Jan 14 through March 4. 6:30pm-7:30pm Harmony Yoga Studio
1100 High Ridge Road, Stamford Connecticut. $20 per session.

1110 High Ridge is on the corner of High Ridge and Dunn St. HarmonYoga entrance is in the back of the building. The Studio is on the 2nd floor on the right.


Drum Group Drumming Class Class

- Frequently Asked Questions -

Do you teach children?

Yes, I have a whole curriculum for children generally starting from age 4 up.

Do you work with mixed ages?

Yes, I have led community groups. Having several generations present can be wonderful.

Do you do birthday parties?

Yes, with certain stipulations. My intent it to help people interact in a positive way. Enviroments need to be contained enough to support these positive interactions.

How large a group can you work with?

This depend somewhat on the nature and intent of the group. I can equip 40 people with drums. I can team up with a colleague and equip 100 people.


M.A. in Expressive Therapies, Lesley College; B.A. in Music and Psychology, WCSU; Music For People Teachers Training; Certified "Drumbeat" instructor- (Discovering Relationships Using Music, Beliefs, Attitude and Thoughts); African Drumming; Taiko Drumming;